Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Lady Bear Lodge

One of the last weekends in February we decided to go on a little trip with our friends Bre & Brian Woods and Brett & Hope Ovard.  It was the college spring break (but I guess since that only applied to Brett, it was just an excuse for the rest of us to get out).  We looked for places to stay for a few weeks before the break.  St. George was booked solid because of a baseball tournament.  Vegas was pretty much booked out because of Nascar.  Everywhere in Park City, Heber, and Midway were booked, probably because it was still ski season and spring break.  Anyway, we were desperate to find a place to stay that would accomodate the three couples.  Brett finally found a Bed & Breakfast on KSL that was open for that weekend.  The Lady Bear Lodge

The pictures looked...interesting.  Everything was decorated a little random.  There were not pictures of the bedrooms but there were a lot other really random pictures.  The last picture that she emailed us was a picture of 3 ladies in a hot tub.  Two of the ladies were younger, in their late 20's. The last lady was probably in her late 50's and don't worry, she most definately did not have a swim suit on.  In the picture, the water was just barely covering her lady parts and there was absolutely no discussion on whether or not she had anything on.  But... We decided to go.

We were in desperate need of a small vacation.  We thought that it definately could turn into an interesting one, that's for sure.  Who knows, they could be a bunch of skinny-dippin lesbians at the Lady Bear Lodge who were going to cook us breakfast in their birthday suit. Oh well, might as well go.

Once we pulled up to the cabin three dogs greeted us with their howlings.  One was 130+ lbs, the other one was a medium sized dog, and the last a small dog.  I barely noticed the dogs over our host, Cindy.  She rushed out to great us and had all of our names memorized.  I don't any one has ever acted so excited to see people in their lives. "KRIIISSSSSSTTTAAA!", "COOODDDY!", etc.  She most defintaely wanted to hug us, but we resisted.  She helped us carry up our bags and then gave us the tour. 

She and her husband were both quite tipsy at this point, and very excentric.  Her husband had an interesting way of speaking where he carried on his words forever.  He kept saying how his dogs were "Sooooooooooo Beauuuuuuutifuuuullll." I thought he was joking. 

The house was pretty nice, but the interesting part was that we thought we'd have a separate living space.  The upstairs was ours with a loft (that poor Bre and Brian slept in, I felt bad), and it opened up to their living room/kitchen downstairs so we could hear/see each other the whole time.  She showed us the notorious hot tub.  She kept mentioning that we needed to shower before entering the hot tub to make sure that we aren't bringing in anything to contaminate the water.  She said we need to pull our hair up-but don't worry, she has scrunchies.  She also mentioned 5+ times how if we're comfortable, it was ok to go in the hot tub without a swim suit on because the dyes ruin the water and subsequently the hot tub.  WHHHHAAAAATTT??!! So it was not a mistake, that's what they do here!

We quickly tried to move on and see the rest of the cabin.  It was a really nice cabin, but the decorations were so... interesting.  It looked as if she had gone to the DI and wiped everything off their shelves and put it all over her house.  One morning I got the guts up to ask Cindy where she got all of her decorations.  Sure enough, thrift stores, for free on the side of the road, and don't worry- dumpster diving! 

She fed us breakfast in the mornings.  It was suprisingly quite good.  She was a very clean person for how strange she was.  They are "all organic" type of people.  She cooked some amazing sourdough french bread the first morning.  I couldn't help but stare, because she didn't wear the bra the whole time we were there and it was a little distracting while she was making our breakfast.  Later that morning we were getting ready for the day to go out to Park City and go shopping.  Cody was in the loft and happened to look over to the living room and out the huge windows to the deck where the hot tub was.  Where our host Cindy was skinny dipping! Awkward. Let's just say that we got out of there quickly.

What a weekend.  We stayed up late and played games... well, I didn't stay up too late but they did.  Let's just say I HATE MONOPOLY and I will never, ever, play it again.  But other than that it was a great weekend that we spent mostly in Park City shopping and eating yummy food :)

If you ever want to go to The Lady Bear Lodge hit me up for the information :)


  1. Ha ha those are some great pictures! I'm sure your phone will be ringing off the hook with people wanting to go to lady bear lodge after reading this post! :)

  2. Dang it... no one has called for some reason ;)

  3. Thank you for your review ... it was extremely helpful :D

  4. Ok. We booked the lodge for a few days right before Christmas. But your posting has scared me. Doesn't sound like the greatest experience. Although it was an 'experience'! Am I reading you right? We definitely aren't exhibitionist. Should we cancel while we can?