Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Sneak Peek...

My $20 sewing table I found at D.I. that I am going to refinish and turn into a vanity.

This chair is also from D.I. and was $15. A coat of paint and new fabric will do it some good!

I'm excited!! Now, let's get started.
-noun. the "hot" months between when school ends in the spring and starts in the fall full of crazy fun events. aka: the best season of the year.

-Strawberry days in Pleasant Grove! It is June 15th-18th this year. The rodeo is so fun and I'm not really sure why. I think it's just the atmosphere. I don't really watch most of it and I usually get bad allergies so I can't talk by the end... but I still LOVE it! If you go you HAVE to get the strawberries 'n cream. Also, take a stop by the Purple Turtle for some strawberry softserve ice cream or Taco Amigo for a strawberry shake!
-Family and friend BBQ's (corn on the cob) and being outside
-Camping and (hopefully) fourwheeling. Dutch oven dinners and s'mores. Camp fires.
-Home improvement projects
-The fresh produce! Strawberries, peaches, apricots..
-Sleeping in and reading books
-Playing tennis and golf (or the driving range) with my Cody
-Swimming and laying out
-Small vacations to St. George
-Taking long walks in the evening or bike rides
-Hiking up in the mountains
-Outside concerts -Provo canyon. I love the trail and bridal veil falls. -Softball games
(These are just a few things I'm looking forward to this summer... hopefully we'll be able to do them all!) What do YOU have on your summer agenda?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mexican Riveria Cruise!

Well, I guess I should probably update my blog! Since this is the most exciting thing that has happened to us lately, I guess I'll start here. Cody and I went on a cruise at the beginning of May. We went with our friends Bre and Brian. It was a 7 night cruise and we drove to leave out of Long Beach. The trip ended up being about 9 days total! We stayed a night in Vegas on the way down. We stayed in the "Lucky Casino". It was 50 bucks a night... and we got what we paid for! It was kinda scary too, we stood out a lot. (Cody said it's because we were the only white people there haha). One of the workers came up to us and told us to be careful. That kind of freaked us out so we went right to bed and left early the next morning. We made it to Long Beach the next afternoon where the Carnival Splendor awaited! (These pics are in no particular order).

First night on the cruise- Cody won some mulah!

We had bunkbeds! Long story short, when we first booked it the picture showed twin beds that converted into a king. It ended up the it was actually bunkbeds (we knew this a few months before we left) but Cody didn't want to pay extra to upgrade! Haha- it's ok, we both agreed that it was the best sleep we've ever gotten (we didn't have to deal with stealing covers, my crazy dellusions where I was thinking he was my patient... etc.)

We ran into Cody's mission trainer and his wife on the boat!

Me & Code

The main area on the boat- they had to close the top because it was too chilly the last couple of days.

Formal night.
The best & worst part about the cruise was the food! It was good and all you could eat! But 6 after 6 meals a day you don't feel good haha. The dinners were delicious! One night our awesome waiter brought Cody 2 lobster and 3 prime rib! Haha I think he just thought it was funny to make Cody eat so much. He gained 10 lbs that week! Good job babe- I'm proud of you! :) My favorite part was ice cream all day long!

Me & Bre in Puerto Vallarta {don't mind the guy trying to sell us sunglasses so naturally he jumped in the picture?}

Puerto Vallarta on the beach

Puerto Vallarta from the ship

Hot tubbin'!

Cody loved these 'cute little guys'

Oh. I should have warned you. Cody went bungee jumping in Cabo! What the- I know! In that last picture he looks like a dead man for sure. But... he survived. Bre and Brian went too. I was wayyyy too smart to go bungee jumping in Mexico :)

This is in Cabo San Lucas. If you look closely the little white box suspended in midair is where the crazies jumped from! (Oh and it has a glass floor-genius). This is also the canyon that we did the ziplines.

This is a good pic of Code on the ziplines.

All our gear on, ready to go. It was really fun/scary actually! There were 8 ziplines and you had to hike quite a bit to get from zipline to zipline. The longest zipline was 2600 feet and you got up to 50 miles per hour. It was way fun! There were a couple we got to ride tandem and one we even got to go the 4 of us! If anyone goes to Mexico- you HAVE to do this!

The "group"

Cody, Bre, and Brian riding the cart out to the gondola to jump.

"It's PANCHO time!"

"Cute little guys" again

Only 20 pecos for tacos?! YUM! Authentic mexican food- Cody converted me!

Cabo- random lady put this creature on me. Then she wanted 10 bucks! Shyeah right! We'll give ya 3.

Cabo San Lucas

Formal Night

Oh, I forgot to mention... we rented waverunners in Cabo and that was a blast! Some 13 year old Mexican kid was running the business.. that was a little sketch, he even had us sign a contract! Oh and we went to lots of flea markets! That was fun! We came home with a couple of hammocks, some bags, a blanket, knock-off sunglasses, and our panchos {naturally}.