Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bedroom Project

Finally- I have pictures of our redone bedroom!  We did everything (paint, furniture, accessories).  Boy, is Cody glad that we're done with this one!  Now it's time to move on to the kitchen.  Haha.  I'll post the before and after pictures.


I was sick of the colors.  We got rid of the bedframe, curtains, and dresser.  I sold the furniture on ksl.  


We found an oak front door that had never been used (no hinges) at the Restore Habitat for Humanities store in Orem for $21 and a few pieces of Molding for a couple of dollars.  Cody used it to make a headboard by cutting it to the right size and puttign 4x4s on either side and putting the molding on with a 1x6 on top to framing it all together.  He then screwed it into a metal bed frame that we put on risers.


I made the pillows.  The one with the yellows was my "inspiration" for the room.  I got that one at Joanns and waited for it to go 60% off.  I got the burlap and the other upholstering fabric at walmart for cheap.  In this picture you can't tell, but Cody even caulked and repainted the crown molding.

I had an old window that we got when a thrift store went out of business for $2.  We sanded it down and painted a rough coat of mustard yellow over it.  I bought a decal at Kohls (of all places!) for $5 (because I used a $10 gift I recieved from them)

We decided to use this ikea bookcase as our dresser.  We found it used on KSL for $75 and we bought 8 sturdy 13x13" boxes from target for $8 each.  We are hopefully going to buy a TV to go on top of the dresser so it doesn't look so bad.  If you can tell, the paint colors are slightly different here.  We used two shades darker on this wall.

The clock I found at target.  I have always loved this one and when I went to buy it I lucked out, it was 50% off! I got it for $20.

We love how it turned out!!  Thanks Cody for all your hard work and patience!!  We took the money we got from selling the bedframe and dresser and came out only spending about $200.  Not bad my friends, not bad.