Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 5: Picture Challenge

{A picture of your favorite memory}
The first year Cody and I were married we lived in "The Little White House". It is owned by my Grandma and it was first built in the 40's. She used to live in it and many many other people have rented it from my grandparents ever since. She was nice enough to let us live there for a great deal after we got married. It is about 450 square feet, but has everything you need. Livingroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, Pantry/Laundry Room. They has redone the whole interior right before we moved in. I have so many fun memeories from this place! BBQ's, fires with s'mores in the back yard, badmitton, decorating, our first Christmas, handwashing dishes, borrowing my grandma's vaccum, parties in the tiny livingroom, learning how to cook and be a wife, being creative with ways to make all of our stuff fit. There are so many fun memories I have from the place! I'm so grateful that my Grandma let us live there but it's also so nice to have our own place right now that is twice as big.

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