Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 1: Picture Challenge

This is the most recent picture that I could find of myself... I am definately not in any state to take a picture today :)

  1. My name is Krista Michelle Frampton. My parents just liked the name Krista and they named me Michelle because they had a friend with that name and they really liked her.

  2. I have an extra bone in my thumbs and probably my feet (this happens in about 1% of people the doctors said)

  3. I'm in the nursing program at UVU. After I finish my semester this December I will be able to test to have my RN.

  4. I LOVE old people... I want open an assisted living center with Cody one day.

  5. I HATE skittles. Don't you dare breathe on me after eating them or eat them in the same car as me.

  6. I had braces twice, the second time was when I was in 11th grade and it was horrible!

  7. My parents wouldn't let me color my hair growing up, until I was 17... I have been coloring it ever since and have done everything from black to blonde.

  8. I love decorating and being crafty.

  9. I want boy-girl twins one day (I think).

  10. I am a bit of a hypochondriac.

  11. I started dating my husband when I was a senior in highschool. He knew I was 18 but didn't know I was still in highschool.

  12. I would rather it be blazing hot than have snow on the ground.

  13. My favorite stores are Ross, Target, Downeast, and Hobby Lobby.

  14. I would love to live in Tennessee someday (I fell in love with it when I went there last summer) but I'm afraid that we would miss our families too much.

  15. I'm a "Your" and "You're" nazi.


  1. krista I have to agree 100% with number 15. I HATE when people do "you're" wrong! ugh
    Also, i'm kinda a hypochondriac too. I think it comes from being in the nursing program

  2. Ha ha that's awesome! I have to say, I LOVE skittles... you must not have noticed my sour skittles I had on our road trip... good thing ;)

  3. I think I've turned into a "I could care less" nazi...shouldn't it be, "I couldN'T care less"? Miss you friend. Hope you're having a good summer!!

  4. I definately did not notice that you were eating skittles or else I would have made you walk the whole way Bri! :) Just kidding. I miss you too Olivia!! Come home? jk. Hope you're having a blast in Hawaii!