Saturday, November 5, 2011


For Halloween this year, Cody and I decided to be each other....

Heather (aka cavewoman), Me (aka Cody), and Bre (aka her husband Brian! We didn't plan this!)

The "Boys" (Notice Bre and I are in this picture)

The "Girls" (Notice Brian and Cody)

And... the group! Bre and Brian (each other), Cody and I (each other), Brett, Hope and Gage (Ninja Turtles), Heather and Mike (cavemen), Natalie and Craig (Lepracaun and Pot of Gold), Ryan and Jess (Plug and Outlet), and Eric and Diane (Cereal Killers).  What a fun group!!


  1. HOW CUTE!!! Love all the couples of costumes! I wonder if I could convince Stephen to dress up like me haha

  2. You guys have THE BEST Halloween costumes! So cute! ;)