Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What do you mean Krista finally updated her blog??!!

So much has happened since last December I hardly know where to start. I will try to catch everyone up on what's been happening. Well... Cody and I had our boy-girl twins!

Just Kidding. Maybe one day.

Cozette had a healthy baby boy, named Braxton Lee. He is 6 months old now! Cody and I have loved having them around, they feel just like family.

Aubrie had a little girl in May, baby Lilia. We're so excited to have her here! I love having a neice and so does Cody! This little girl is going to be spoiled rotten, just wait.

Back in April I got a new job. I figured it was time for a change from the old Alpine Valley Care Center which I had been at for 3 years. I am now working for Intermountain Healthcare. I work at Utah Valley Hospital and American Fork Hospital. I am in what they call the "float pool" for PCT's-PCA's-CNA's-techs (they're all the same thing, just different names). I am able to make my own schedule, minus the mandatory every 3rd weekend. I work from 6:00 am- 6:30 pm. I have to call the night before to see which floor I will be working on (it's kind of like a substitute) These are the floors I work on:
  • Med-Surg at AF
  • ICU at AF
  • Medical/Oncology
  • Ortho/Neuro
  • Renal
  • Cardiovascular
  • ICU
  • IMC
  • Peds (once)

It has been really fun. It took a lot of training because of all the floors I had to train on. It is nice to have somewhere new to go everyday. I see a lot of different types of things. This is the main reason I switched to the hospital, to get more experience to help me out in my nursing. Hopefully it gets me an in once I graduate. I like working with different people every day, that way I don't get involved in the politics. I do "sitter" jobs about half of the time. This means that a patient is a 1:1 or they need one staff member in their room watching them at all times. These days are long, but sometimes nice. I can bring books or my computer to use when my patient is asleep. (That is what I am doing right now). It will be really nice once school starts up in August to be able to do my homework.

The end of April Cody and I closed on our first place! We got a steal of a deal and it was the perfect time for us to buy so we did it. It was crazy, we looked at it and the next day put in an offer and the offer got accepted. We had a hard time moving from the little white house we rented from grandma, we loved it and loved our neighbors and family. It was a good move though. Our new neighbors are great. It was so nice to double our living space from 450 sq feet to 900!! We've been busy fixing the place up. It was built in 1994, so it has needed a little updating. Pictures are soon to come!

Cody has been busy with work and side jobs. He helped Mica and Ryan do their backsplash in their new house. He has also been doing a lot of fences and just work for people in their houses. It's nice how handy he is. He definately has been wearing himself out. I tell him to relax, but of course he never can. If he's not working, he's golfing or playing some other type of sport or doing a project. Unfortunately for him, I've been keeping him up on "honey-do's".

Cody's health hasn't been the greatest. He had bronchitis earlier this month and his kidney stones have been acting up again. He's been trying to drink more water and less soda, this just seems to be clearing out his existing stones. Not fun. Hopefully it will help in the long run.

I will post some pictures of some of the fun things we've been doing this summer!

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  1. Glad you finally updated! Love it! Hope Cody gets feeling better! P.S.. I want those pictures!!!