Thursday, December 3, 2009

Take Your Grandma to Wal-Mart Day

Excuse me.

I don't know if you know this, but today was take your grandma to Wal-Mart day.

I wish someone would have informed me of this before I did my monthly grocery shopping today so I could have taken my grandma.

Everywhere I turned there were little old ladies. In electric wheelchairs, in non-motorized wheelchairs, pushing shopping carts... EVERYWHERE.

Most of them were with their daughters or their grandaughters or grandsons. It seemed like most of the family members were in a hurry, rushing here and there to get grandma's molasses and miralax.

The grandmas were so cute, trying to remember what exactly they had come to the store to get. Glad to get out of their houses, to have something to occupy their minds. Glad to spend time with their family most of all.

You know how most people get all giddy inside when they see new born babies? Well that's the feeling I get when I see grandmas.

Please someone tell me next time it's take your grandma to Wal-Mart day.


  1. You're so cute! This post made me laugh! :)

  2. Krista I miss you girl! Nice post so so funny!

  3. Every Wednesday and/or Friday is take your grandma to Walmart. Didn't you know that