Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Finally time for a post

Here it is, our first blog!! (I have had it for over a month and haven't even written on it) Things are going great Cody and I have been married for almost five months now! It's crazy how time flies. We love our little white house that we rent from my grandma, it's only about 450 square feet but it's perfect for us. Cody's been staying busy working for Puroclean a restoration company that deals with floods, fires, mold, and trauma. He has also been doing vinyl fences on the side. He always has a project going on around the house fixing up something.. it's so cute :)

I have been busy working at Alpine Valley Care Center in pleasant grove as a CNA. I've been there almost two and half years! I love taking care of the old people there.. they're so cute and funny! I have also been going to school doing my pre-nursing, I am applying to the program this week. Cody and I both start up a new semester tomorrow and are so excited (hmm...) but we'll make it through and it'll be worth it once December rolls around.

We'd love to stay in touch and hear from you all! Write us some comments and leave us a link to your blog so that we can keep up!

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